Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ella's Costume Party

Guest arriving to the Gates' Barn.
Wonder Woman Flew

My Favorite Wolverine!
So loved.  James put so much effort and love into putting on a huge costume party for my 39th Birthday.  It was just an excuse to have tons of friends dress up into crazy/zany/amazing costumes and have fun.

The night started with some technical difficulty, but James persevered with an added Apple genius on hand--Thanks Calvin Ross, the karaoke was operational.  Thanks Kirk Brantner for the amazing song collection.

As guest gathers, normal mingle, food eating, and laughing kept the evening in the decorated Hay Loft of a barn.  Thanks Chris and Nancy Gates.  James and I danced to our favorite South African band.  

James starts out the Karaoke song dedicated to me with Randy Travis "Forever, and Ever"  with his whole heart.  So loved.

Red Riding Hood's Running from the Big Bad Wolf

He pre printed ballots for a variety of prizes.  He had the guest do a parade with "acting out" their part.  So much fun, especially the lost Alaskan Princess Tourist and Annie Oakley shooting a nickel with her gun.

Winners announced, after a few more songs from my children (Bronwyn just nailed "The sun will come out tomorrow.")  Max, who never sings, did a great job with Hannah a broadway tune.  I loved having them sing!

Of course limbo, and the singing of "Happy Birthday" with delicious cup cakes.  Thanks Donna Embree and Bronwyn for making them!