Tuesday, December 11, 2012

a phone-y story

Okay, I had a little of a pickle.  It was a bit funny.  I lost my phone.  It is very uncool but durable phone.

You see, this really kind lady who calls herself "old lady" found the phone at the Museum.  I was busy knitting enjoying a Christmas Concert.  It must of fallen out of my purse.  However, when she told security, they requested that she leave it with them.  However, knowing that security people shouldn't be trusted, she wanted to find me herself.

She calls the last number I called (James) and tells him that she has my phone.  So, I called Jean the nice lady and for the next couple of days, I knew her every move.  However, she kept moving around so it was similar to nailing jello to the wall.  It was a bit challenging especially since I didn't know most of my friends numbers (on the phone) and their work schedule plus trying to recoup this phone from a very active socialite calendar from 50 miles away.

All is well, I am reunited thanks to a dear Father in law, many phone calls to Jean and another shuttle from James.

Phone is on.