Tuesday, September 4, 2012

State Fair, Sunny Days, Blueberries, and the Start of School

Life has went into hyper-gear.  We started school and took many sunny days off to enjoy the last of summer.  As I am sitting here typing I hear the wind rock our home a bit as a strange winter storm is a bit early is beating our home.  I am thankful to take those sunny days off.  I learned it from the book "For the Children's Sake".  She was teaching in England so she couldn't plan ahead non-rainy weather.  She had to "take them" off when she could.

The Alaska State Fair allowed my children opportunities to be creative and to learn about the human body.  Hannah, Bronwyn and some friends entered the Scarecrow Contest and the Spam contest.  They didn't win but enjoyed the teamwork.

Bronwyn did get a 1st place ribbon for her "Electric Color".  Max said, "The fair is a big advertisement and some shows spaced out 45 minutes apart".  He kept his fair money to save up for a special item (not sold at the fair).

I even got into the fair flavor by entering "Spam-a-licous" baked spam dipped in Chocolate.  Yum.

 James and I both enjoyed judging again this year "Moose Calling" and "Parent-Child look a  like".

Blueberry picking couldn't be any better with Kim and family and Nonna (James' mom). Captain and Willow enjoyed frolicking the meadows.  Three gallons later, our freezer and tummy are full.