Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer so far

It has been a blurr of a summer.  I actually got burnt out of the frenzy of activity right at the start.  I was hiking at 6 am, running with a friend, then hiking again at 4 pm.  Somedays I would throw in a tennis match or a bike ride.  Since I was free from my teaching responsibilities and the nice summer weather, I thought I MUST GET OUTSIDE.  However, anything excessive is bad for me.  I was too exhausted to enjoy my husband or children at night. So, after some time of prayer, I began to balance my days.

Monday days: Library (volunteer for an hour while the children read)
Monday nights:  Mountain Bike Riding/class with the children
Tuesday/Thursday: Hike Lazy mountain or anything vertical
Wednesday : knit like crazy (yes, I learned how to knit this summer). Meet with Tamera discipleship
****Running and random adventures with wonderful people sewed in the  rest of the time.
Guess what I made with the help of Uppa? (answer at the bottom of the blog)

Kayaking view in Seward, AK

Summer reading?
Sundays:  Children's church has had a great time with a MISSIONS Emphasis.  I have a great group of volunteers that serve well and love Jesus.  Such a joy to teach worship songs to children (even though I don't have a voice).

Answer from photo above:  Inspired by friends, I made a garden box.  Now I have fresh spinach, radish, and carrots!