Monday, July 9, 2012

Family Camp Solid Rock Bible

Our children just love camp.  This year we decided to go to Solid Rock for their family camp as a vacation.  The cabins were adequate, nothing fancy.  The food -- AMAZING.  Each morning and night we had family devotions with kid appropriate topics.  Most of the time, we just went and did the camp activities as a family.  Rock climbing was the biggest hit. We also learned to play frisbee golf and I loved the late night volleyball game.  However, seeing James up on waterskis was fun as well.  In the early morning James and I got to go for a Soldotna run which was fun.

Nonna (James' mom) came with us and enjoyed carpet ball and archery.  

The biggest hit was the Country Fair which the staff of SRBC put on.  They had free funnel cakes, cotton candy, fun jumping castles, games with prizes, carriage rides, and pony rides.  

We did run into a bit of a snag, I hurt my head bad during a bungee run.  Which is a bit hard to explain, but my father always said I had a knot on my head.  Well, I flew into landed on a knot. So, I am a bit dizzy in the mornings and hope to feel back to normal soon.