Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why I enjoy homeschooling.

 Why I enjoy homeschooling is best written during the two weeks break. There are things I don't like about homeschooling, but more on that later. 

1.  Find their loves.

How many of you were stuck in a class that was just not you? You longed for something different, something extraordinary. I want my children to explore the uniqueness of the way the Lord created them.  If that is inventing things or just caring for others.  Homeschooling gives them more freedom to do the things that they love.

2. Specialized training.
The good and the bad. My children get to see God's grace as I fail and make mistakes.  They have seen me on my knees after being too critical or spoke harshly.  But, isn't that life too.  To teach them that God loves us NO MATTER WHAT.  Both in the great days, and in the days I should of slept in :)

3. Flexibility.
I enjoy the flexibility to take a break to get outside whenever we feel the need.  Our flexible schedule means that we can take a day to go on a field trip whenever an opportunity comes up. We can do more hands-on experiential learning.  Even visiting people in the hospital or caring for others.

  4. Love being with them.
I must admit the days when we explore the world and see their eyes open up to something new and exciting.  I love to be apart of it. Teaching them each to read was a so much fun.

What I use:

For my reading, history, Bible, worldview, geography, spelling, and literature:  I am currently on my fourth year of using Tapestry of Grace.  It has been an adventure.  I love it because it is "literature based" with great books.  It is a classical education with a chronological teaching of history.  

Math U See & Teaching Textbooks for Math

Science: We are currently on our 5th Apologia Science called : Swimming creatures which is a biology study.

Etiquette Factory

English from the roots up: basic latin/greek root words study

Institute of Excellent in Writing 

Learning Language Arts through Literature: (Bronwyn only)

Easy Grammar

IXL online Math (extra)

National November Writing Month (in November)

Character First (sometimes)

Ateiler Art 

When my children were young I loved:  
Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons
Five in a Row