Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I can't help it butterflies...

I still cannot believe it has been 14 years of married life to James Embree. Before James arrived at our lunch date, I had the nervous butterflies in my tummy.  I am still so much in love with him.  I have learned so much about my self and how to be generous and thoughtful from my husband.  He has mastered things that I only dream about.  He has an amazing work ethic, but knows how to play and tend to things at home.  I married a man of character who loves the Lord and seeks His will for our lives.  I am the luckiest girl alive.  He is not only fun to be around, but he is an amazing father.  I just love everyday with James, but since today is our anniversary I wanted the world to know.

I am also thankful for his parents Max and Donna as they raised him so well.  I am glad that they can both have an influence on our children each week now that we are in Alaska.

Dream date:  Lunch at Turkey Red (thanks Mr. & Mrs. Earley), skate skiing at Coyote trails in Peter's Creek, Mission Impossible movie, with our first Qdoba dinning in Anchorage.