Wednesday, December 21, 2011

African Blanket to Snow Blanket

So being gone for one entire year from our country we love, gives me another opportunity to vent/reflect.  Most people ask,"Do you miss Africa?" Of course! The people that was so interweaved in my everyday life are now a distant memory.  I miss seeing the butcher, the beggar that taught me how to give, the beautiful smiles from children at church.  Oh my beloved 6 am running partner Lee-Ann.  My daughter heckling Shane across the street. My neighbor Chris who fixed our car.

One of my favorite experience was when a group of Zionist ladies who became our monthly prayer group showered my friend Carol and me with a heavy African Blanket.  It was given with great joy and fanfare. The ladies surrounded us as we were wrapped in the heavy blanket and sang and jumped in a circle.

The Bible College students that were so kind to share their joys and trials. We even had a student that was so poor, but I NEVER heard him complain.  He walked for miles just to study God's Word.  It also hurt to see people treated unfairly and the effect of sin in families and crime.

I loved introducing children to God's love and His power. I think the best part was that God was glorified and allowed us to join in His work.

Now in Alaska, things are similar.  Not the same, but similar.  We are still in the ministry full time. I am leading Bible studies, and meeting with women one-on-one.  I have been humbled to hear that a family right in our city has no food and is scared.  God is continuing to work building His church.    I am still deeply hurt to hear of people rejecting the most loving and caring God to self-centered religion.  I also see sin gradually erode peoples lives to the point of destruction.

I have been humbled to see the generosity of the church when it comes to needs.  So many choose to not be trapped by the lure of materialism that surrounds them.

Today, we got another 8 inches of fresh snow to cover the land in a white blanket, but I am so glad God has given me my "African Blanket" to remind me of our other home.